Why your Business Needs a Virtual IT Department

An Information Technology department is one of the biggest small business operational costs, and you might find it hard to justify this expense. Rest assured, though, this necessary expense can be done cost-effectively.

As a small business, your IT infrastructure footprint need not be big nor complex and usually does not require onsite IT Support staff. However, most small business owners are not IT experts, so finding the right mix of technology and support solutions is the key to keeping IT costs under control.

To start, its important to understand what typical IT operations consist of:

  • Electricity
  • Servers
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Firewalls
  • Software
  • IT Support Staff

With the advent of cloud computing and hosting services, you now have very diverse options.

  • Maintain application and infrastructure onsite and outsource support and maintenance
  • Or, outsource everything (application hosting, security, web hosting, systems maintenance, and support) to a Virtual IT Department.

There are exceptional benefits to the latter option, including:

  • Physical safety of equipment at outsourced data centers is paramount. These facilities are equipped with multiple ISPs, huge generators, Redundant High Availability environment, and perfect cooling, etc.; all things many businesses are sure to lack. Theses environments are build to last and to withstand disasters, and are available at a fraction of the cost of buying and maintaining your own equipment.

  • Outsourced technology is often the latest and greatest generation of whats available, which can out perform the type of equipment most small businesses can afford.

  • Maintenance and support are handled by highly qualified and skilled specialists. Were talking about folks most small businesses couldnt afford to add to their in-house payroll.

You really can benefit from a Virtual IT Department while enjoying significant cost reductions. If you want to provide the best products and/or services and increase your profits by keeping overall IT operational overhead costs down, Virtual IT is the way to go.

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